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CIO Survey: will you set the GenAI agenda or follow the leaders?

Get insights on how CIOs will address the challenges and capture the full benefits of GenAI in the 2024 EY CIO Sentiment Survey.

15 May 2024

Responsible AI means finding the balance between risk and reward

Understand the key challenges, potential risks, and strategies for adopting AI responsibly with these practical guidelines

07 May 2024 Samta Kapoor + 2

Nuvalence joins EY, expanding digital engineering and generative AI capabilities

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) today announced Nuvalence, a technology consultancy, has joined EY US to accelerate the delivery of platform engineering, product development and generative AI (GenAI) platform-enabled services to organizations across industries and sectors.

26 Apr 2024 Lizzie McWilliams

Case study: Intelligent automation shifts a state agency into higher gear

In this case study, learn how a state agency used robotic process automation to serve its customers with speed and convenience.

14 Mar 2024

What strategic ops mean for your business

Many executives think of operations as a cost center. A 180-degree shift in thinking could lead to competitive advantage. Learn more.

08 Mar 2024 Lisa Caldwell

How entrepreneurs can think differently about AI

To drive business value, entrepreneurs should think strategically about how and where to deploy artificial intelligence. Learn more.

06 Mar 2024 Dan Diasio

AI Summit NYC: How leaders are tapping the potential of AI

Read session summaries and watch videos from AI Summit NYC where leaders demonstrate how AI in business boosts efficiency and productivity and drives growth.

22 Feb 2024 Samta Kapoor

Why AI and machine learning are cybersecurity problems — and solutions

Hackers are using AI and ML to accelerate threats and exploit vulnerabilities. But you can use them to your advantage. Learn more.

30 Jan 2024 Traci Gusher + 1

How organizations can stop skyrocketing AI use from fueling anxiety

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, but concerns remain over job security and regulation. Learning how to use AI responsibly will lower anxiety.

05 Dec 2023 Dan Diasio + 2

How tech trends can lead the next generation of the consumer industry

CP&R businesses proactively implementing and scaling evolving technology will be best set up to succeed in the near and long term.

01 Dec 2023 Cordry Johns

Four ways to embrace emerging technology with a cybersecurity mindset

Learn how CIOs and CISOs can carefully balance employee enablement and cybersecurity with these four steps. Read more.

28 Sep 2023 Faisal Alam

    Metaverse and Web3

    With a market estimated to reach $800 billion in two years, the metaverse has the power to transform all industries. Organizations that address the innovation potential now will be well positioned to harness the opportunities that it will unleash.

    Metaverse for business futuresworld

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