Citizens of the world expect a high-quality digital government services experience. Governments face an imperative to keep pace with innovation to provide timely services and maintain security.

Amy Fenstermacher

EY Americas Grant and Relief Funds Management Leader

Focused on designing creative, technology-enabled solutions to thorny problems at all levels of government. Avid crossword puzzler, foodie and traveler.

Amy is a senior manager in Ernst & Young LLP’s Government and Infrastructure sector, currently leading the Global Product group for the EY Grants Accelerator platform. She also serves as the EY Americas Grants and Relief Funds Management Solution Leader. Using the EY Grants Accelerator, Amy has helped successfully provide grant programs that have safely and efficiently disbursed billions in funding.

She has spent her career providing executive-level advisory services across enterprise architecture, business architecture, business process design, enterprise cloud migration, agile technology transformation and data analytics. Her diversity of hands-on experience allows her to take a practical approach to solution design, and she is known for translating complex concepts and processes into tangible results.

Amy has a BA in Russian and Chinese languages from Georgetown University.

How Amy is building a better working world

Amy is passionate about equity of access to global resources. In addition, she is laser-focused on using the power of the global EY organization to build solutions that serve those most in need, continuously working to untangle the most entrenched of global challenges.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amy helped those affected by economic challenges to get back on their feet, both as a leader of the EY Grants Management and Relief Funding solution and as a member of her local community.

Amy's latest thinking

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