EY is data-enabled

The EY Digital Audit delivers more than market-leading technology — it’s the catalyst for new perspectives within the audit. Powered by our EY Helix analyzers and connected technology platform, our auditors are equipped to ask better questions, drive continuous improvement and execute high-quality audits. 

The EY Digital Audit is changing the audit experience so it is:

Leading with a data-first mindset

It’s what empowers our auditors to think critically at every step of the audit, ask better questions and be responsive to changing business dynamics at the companies we audit, all while driving audit quality.

EY data and technology

EY Canvas

Our global audit platform at the heart of our digital audit offering that connects more than 120,000 EY professionals to over 350,000 companies. 100% of audit teams use EY Canvas, providing unrivalled transparency and project management.

Global consistency

Our global audit methodology is fully integrated with our technology, providing a consistent, data-driven audit process worldwide — for all of our teams across the globe.

Improved project management 

Streamlined communications include real-time monitoring of audit status and completion of tasks on a global basis, stronger security and shared visibility into audit requests, ultimately elevating our clients’ experience.

EY Atlas

Our global accounting and financial reporting research platform puts the latest technical standards at our audit teams’ fingertips. Similarly, EY Atlas Client Edition helps our clients stay up to date in a dynamic regulatory environment with access to trusted knowledge.

The power to pivot

The platform turns complexity into confidence with the latest, most relevant accounting, auditing, research and industry information.

EY Smart Automation

EY Smart Automation solutions are fully integrated into our EY Canvas audit platform to support the audit, enhancing the experience for our clients and our audit teams.

Focus on risks

EY Smart Automation reduces time spent on manual tasks, freeing up auditors to focus on the most important risks.

EY Helix

Our global data analytics platform enables us to see a business differently by applying our powerful capabilities to look deeper into a company’s data and evaluate financial transactions.

Increased effectiveness

Allows our auditors to capture and analyze high volumes of financial data across disparate systems.

Enhanced visibility

Brings together dispersed data sets and provides a consolidated view of the organization, which enhances our risk assessments and allows us to focus on trends and anomalies.

EY Helix sector analyzers

A robust library of sector-specific tools integrated directly into our EY Helix audit analytics platform allows our teams to drill deeper into industry-specific issues, ask better questions and deliver long-term value. We highlight three of our sector tools below.

The EY audit approach

Learn how our approach puts data at the center of everything: engaging our exceptional talent, delivering value and building trust.

Audit services

Powered by the capabilities of our teams and our global technology platform, the EY data-first approach delivers high-quality audits that empower audit committees and management to focus on the risks that matter most.

Female auditor using ey digital audit technology on mobile

Audit experience — designed for private

Scaled to meet the unique needs and requirements of private companies, our teams have bespoke services and offerings to support private businesses at every stage of their evolution.

Our latest thinking

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Harnessing technology builds confidence in audit professionals

EY Digital Audit brings excitement to early career auditors and accelerates the pace of their professional progress. Find out how.

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