I am a capital markets growth and innovative strategy advisor focused on digital transformation, digital assets, collateral management and collateral optimization.

Mark Nichols

Principal, Capital Markets Strategy and Business Transformation, Ernst & Young LLP

Capital markets growth and innovation advisor. Delivering digital transformation strategy for global investment banks and institutions. Digital assets leader. Husband. Father. Travel enthusiast.

Mark is a principal at Ernst & Young LLP in the Financial Services Consulting practice, with a focus on capital markets strategy and business transformation.

As part of the US firm’s Capital Markets Leadership Team, Mark leads our work across institutional digital assets, capital markets growth and innovation, and collateral management.

Mark is a chartered management accountant and a graduate of the University of Nottingham and has a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Management.

How Mark is building a better working world

Mark is passionate about building a better working world with his purpose focused on driving growth and innovation across the capital markets ecosystem. Mark’s work helps his clients launch new digital and data solutions, modernize their client experience, grow or acquire new businesses, and prepare for the interoperability of digital and traditional assets.

Mark's latest thinking

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