Indirect taxes and global trade

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In recent years, issues related to managing indirect taxes — such as VAT, GST, customs and excise duties — have risen on the corporate agenda.

What EY can do for you

Knowing the indirect tax rules for your business operations and applying them correctly are key to avoid assessments, penalties and goods blocked on airports, harbors, roads, etc. Taxpayers and tax administrators do not always agree about the rules. Complex local legislation, evolving business models and widely different compliance obligations in different jurisdictions add to the risk of disagreements.

We can advise you on the steps to take to strategically meet your tax obligations and resolve tax controversy. We foster an open dialogue with customs authorities, government officials, business partners and other stakeholders about customs and international trade issues, the impact of policy decisions and the importance of free trade.

The global trends shaping indirect tax

As we continue to navigate a turbulent year for the global economy, three overarching trends are shaping indirect tax policy and how indirect tax leaders plan: global trade, transformation and sustainability. These external pressures mean indirect tax teams must be agile, use technology to adapt, and sometimes do more with less. But they are also creating new opportunities for organizations to thrive.

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