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The Enterprise Resilience solution helps you transform your business to reshape it for the future while sustaining operations and maintaining trust. We help you navigate disruption with agility to reduce risk, stay competitive in the market and help generate long-term value.

Your business challenge

Amid disruption, organizations are prioritizing building resilience to better prepare for change. Enterprise resilience has re-emerged atop the Board and C-suite agenda as companies seek to minimize disruption and sustain operations, while transforming and future-proofing the business.

Even before the pandemic, organizations faced an onslaught of external risks and challenges, ranging from cybersecurity and data privacy threats, to environmental and regulatory shifts, to changes in consumer behavior and a greater reliance on increasingly complex ecosystems.

Solution benefits

Our Enterprise Resilience solution helps organizations reshape the business for the future by creating an integrated effort across the C-suite that considers your customers, people, processes, technology and ecosystems (facilities, suppliers, external parties, etc.) to:

  • Anticipate disruption and turn risk into opportunity
  • Continuously adapt the business during times of change
  • Help minimize disruption and impact to critical business services

Solution features and functionality

Why EY

The power of EY people, technology and innovation can turn your transformation ambitions into reality. Putting humans at the center, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale form the core of value creation of our Transformation Realized™ approach.


EY Alliance and Ecosystem Relationships

Our Alliance relationships include IBM and ServiceNow.

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