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The Organization and Workforce Transformation solution helps you design and implement new efficient models, e.g., customer-centric or agile, to deliver transformation and M&A strategies. Using our proprietary data and AI-driven analytics platforms, we can help you accelerate implementation and deliver value.

Your business challenge

In the face of major market and competitive disruptions, companies are putting in place new organizational models to drive a combination of agility, growth and efficiency. They need to adapt workforces to address opportunities presented by both transformation and M&A. In doing so, they need to address urgent and widening capability gaps in a challenging talent market to remain competitive.

Case study

How EY is delivering an exceptional experience for its workforce

Learn how EY People Advisory Services has helped the global EY organization realize one of the largest end-to-end HR transformations on record.

07 Jun 2021 Liz Fealy + 2

    Solution benefits

    Organization and Workforce Transformation builds workforce capabilities needed to realize your business strategy by helping implement innovative organizational models. These models deliver the workforce needed today and in the future, by including:

    • Organizational models that are aligned to strategic goals, supporting workforces that are lean, innovative, agile and customer-focused
    • Leading-class organizational models that balance the workforce and technology at the enterprise and functional level, with efficient, lean workforces that are right-sized for strategy and will adapt in line with future change
    • Workforces that are benchmarked against the leading in the market and have the capabilities to compete and evolve

    Solution features and functionality

    Why EY

    The power of EY people, technology and innovation can turn your transformation ambitions into reality. Putting humans at the center, deploying technology at speed and innovating at scale form the core of value creation of our Transformation Realized™ approach.

    EY Alliance and Ecosystem Relationships

    Our Alliance relationships include IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

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