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Our Leadership, Culture and DE&I solutions help organizations create and maintain thriving, inclusive workplaces where people can perform at their best. With our human-centered approach to complex business problems, we help facilitate authentic behavior change, powerful learning, and systemic transformation with positive, lasting results.

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Building and transforming a business in today’s global marketplace requires a refreshed approach to the definition, assessment and development of leadership within an organization. Strategic investments in leadership have a substantial, direct impact on business performance. To realize this performance potential, organizations need to cultivate transformative leadership, through fostering shared values and continuously developing new capabilities such as emotional agility, virtual teaming and 360-degree thinking.

With our understanding of your business, market, sector and competitive landscape, we can help support development of your leaders by addressing not only the needs of the individual, but also the leadership team and the organization. We help leaders prepare for and navigate complexity, uncertainty, and the future of work.

Leadership investment is crucial to your business success. Our frameworks and digital tools help you to better place your leadership development initiative in context to disruptive market forces. We help you assess and baseline your leaders’ success profiles, while also diagnosing development areas and improving performance through facilitated leadership workshops and powerful conversations — at an individual as well as team level. Our inquiry-based leadership coaching approach to develop organizational leadership capabilities and help your people perform at their very best in a constantly changing world.


Business values continue to fluctuate with dynamic forces in the marketplace, and organizational culture is at the heart of shaping the future of work, thereby impacting your organization’s competitiveness and market value. When organizations activate a culture that is clear and consistent in its strengths, motivates its people and has low behavioral risk, they see an increase in productivity and thus profitability. All individuals, from boards and executives to employees and customers, play an important role in shaping an organization’s culture. We work with these individuals to deliberately transform their organization to fuel a culture shift that takes place over time in response to market trends.

Our digital tools help us to support clients through culture discovery, design and activation which enable the elevation of psychological safety, the creation of growth mindsets, and the acceleration of inclusion initiatives, which will promote innovation your organization needs to thrive. We can also help you improve your transaction success using culture as a lever.


We help clients elevate their diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategy and make progress toward building a truly human-centered workplace. Our multidisciplinary approach combines data-driven insights, powerful conversations, and systemic interventions to deliver measurable, sustained progress. Organizations can leverage DE&I as a key enabler to success by integrating it into their business and talent strategy. It is now also a business imperative due to increased scrutiny by consumers, regulators, investors and employees.

Our diagnostic tools focus on the individual strengths of the clients we serve and helping them to target efforts in places where they can get the greatest results, and track those results. We engage the right leaders and stakeholders to build internal champions and enable leaders to make aspirational commitments and deliver on them. Through the use of DE&I scorecards and defined key performance indicators, we help track progress over regular intervals to allow for adjustment over time in response to the shifting DE&I landscape. To support our clients, we are committed to staying close to macroeconomic trends, geopolitical issues and current events that may impact historically underrepresented populations.

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