Rethinking talent: strategies for the Great Resignation

Kim Billeter, EY Americas People Advisory Services Leader, discusses strategies to stifle the great resignation, including putting new focus on talent at the center of growth agendas.

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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated changes to the way many organizations conduct business. As we look to the future, the most successful companies will take action to reimagine the workplace, meet evolving employee expectations and reduce costs of operation. Emerging trends in technology, workplace design, hybrid work and collaboration models will provide the agility needed to help organizations transform their real estate portfolios as they reimagine the workplace.


Considerations for business leaders

  • How do you provide a healthy and productive work environment to improve employee well-being?
  • How can you drive greater efficiencies and reduce your total cost of occupancy?
  • How do you enhance collaboration and culture in a hybrid work environment, utilizing workplace strategies and technology enablement?
  • How do you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets, while keeping up with changing compliance requirements?
  • How can you leverage digital workplace technology and smart building solutions to enhance the workplace?

EY Virtual Workplace Savings Estimator

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How EY can help

Workplace reimagined solution graphic

Our people services consider an adaptive model that continuously evolves skill sets, mindsets, teams and organization; we help clients develop workforce strategies to bring the workforce back to the office in a hybrid work environment.

Our technology services, provided under the Workplace Insight umbrella, introduce an ecosystem of integrated digital workplace and smart building technologies to the Workplace Reimagined solution; these services and technologies can benefit clients at all levels of digital workplace maturity, from tactical to strategic, connected and intelligent.

Our place and space offerings re-evaluate the purpose of the office as well as its value to employees and the organization at large; we help clients determine real estate footprint needs in each market and transform their use of space for meetings, interaction, collaboration, ideation and work with customers.

Reimagining the workplace experience can enable organizations to:

  • Deploy fit-for-purpose technology solutions to enhance the workplace experience
  • Improve visibility into space, cost and performance data to drive workplace efficiency and effectiveness
  • Sharpen their focus on health and wellness strategies, building performance and workplace improvement
  • Activate data-driven decision-making with regard to the workplace, the workforce and the broader real estate portfolio
  • Develop measures that enable transparency into employee productivity and workplace effectiveness
  • Empower the workforce with leading practices in hybrid work, mobility and flexibility
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