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We conduct financial, tax, commercial, operational, IT and cyber diligence to help you identify transaction value drivers, improve M&A deal structures and mitigate risks. We also help challenge assumptions about future performance so you can choose the right valuation.

Strategies for successful corporate separations

Explore further to discover why the market is rewarding the shrink-to-grow model and request the full report.

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What EY M&A due diligence consulting can do for you

We conduct diligence to help you answer questions about the value drivers of your deal. Our clients include large cap and middle market organizations, as well as private equity funds. Read more about our due diligence services below, including special considerations for diligence on digital companies, including digital startups.

EY M&A due diligence consulting when acquiring digital companies 

Special considerations for digital companies, including digital startups 

As technology disrupts traditional business ecosystems and the competitive landscape, we can help you consider the unique aspects of diligence surrounding valuation, talent, product and commercial strategies when you pursue buying digital companies, including startups. These companies create customer value through the use of digital technology, and focus on capturing, storing and processing data. They incorporate a technology lens into everything they do to better serve stakeholders.

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