Real-World Strategy

EY-Parthenon designs and delivers strategies for businesses that are both aspirational and implementable. Planning and presentations will go nowhere if they are not anchored in the realities of your business. By connecting teams and technologies from within EY-Parthenon and the broader EY ecosystem, we can provide our clients with corporate, transaction and turnaround strategies that are actionable, impactful and deliver results. That’s Real-World Strategy.

How EY-Parthenon can help

We bring experience, scale and results to each of our clients, which allows us to help them design and deliver transformative strategies that build sustainable value. By combining the aspirational with the operational, the creative with the practical — we can help clients reinvent the now, reshape the next and reimagine beyond.

Corporate and growth strategy

We advise clients on developing corporate growth strategies by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insights. We then help them implement their strategic plans by leveraging financial and operational perspectives from across their organization.

Transaction strategy

We help our clients realize their full potential through fast-tracked, better-informed decisions across the whole deal life cycle. We guide clients from M&A or divestment strategy, through the planning, diligence, and integration or separation phases of a transaction to build long-term value.

Turnaround strategy

Whether a business is in crisis, restructuring or facing a financial or operational challenge, we work with stakeholders to rapidly provide deep strategic, financial, operational, tax, turnaround and restructuring advice to help solve business issues in critical and complex situations.

Corporate and growth strategy

How a cosmetics giant’s transformation strategy is unlocking value

Shiseido, the largest Japanese beauty company, is reimagining its functions, processes and systems to create a global operating model. Learn more.

The new “performance frontier” for the utilities sector

The new performance frontier for the utilities sector requires aligning outcomes with value. Read more.

How a fresh focus on finance helped LFS drive growth

Learn how providers of human services can build value and trust with a fresh focus on finance

From defense to offense, utilities game plan for a recession

Unprecedented opportunities will be available to companies that optimize their time before the downturn takes full affect. Read to learn the recession game plan for utilities.

3 strategies to improve agile pricing decisions

To get ahead of the volatile market conditions, companies need to double down on an integrated approach to pricing. Learn more.

    Digital strategy

    Four talent challenges in digital M&A culture integration

    Tech company acquisitions may include talent: founders, engineers and technologists whose knowledge can drive digital M&A culture integration. Learn more.

    Three important digital M&A product strategy questions for the c-suite

    Product development can be transformed with digital M&A if leaders articulate how technology and innovation leads to growth and value. Read our insights.

    How you can design and deliver a strategy fit for the real world

    CEOs need to make big changes, fast, they need a strategy that works, a real-world strategy. Learn more.

    How leading companies accelerate their digital strategy

    Companies are pouring money into digital initiatives with no results. Learn how leaders succeed and why M&A can be key to outsized returns.

      Transaction strategy

      How carve-outs positioned an automotive giant for future growth

      EY-Parthenon teams supported Daimler AG through strategic divestments and back-office transformation. Learn more.

      How rethinking commercial models can generate growth

      Businesses can accelerate growth by revamping commercial models to address changing customer needs and newly acquired digital assets. Read more.

      Three trends shaping portfolio moves in a red-hot M&A marke

      Learn how this red-hot deal market is the right time for you to use M&A and divestitures to support your long-term growth strategy.

      Have you reinvented strategy to see new opportunities tomorrow?

      In our uncertain world, business leaders need a new way of thinking about strategy. Read our report.

        Turnaround strategy

        Fashioning a sustainable future for an online clothing retailer

        EY has helped fashion retailer ASOS to identify opportunities to unlock value, making it more resilient and better prepared for the future.. Learn more.

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        How you can design and deliver a strategy fit for the real world

        CEOs need to make big changes, fast, they need a strategy that works, a real-world strategy. Learn more.

          The team

          Barak Ravid

          EY-Parthenon Americas Leader
          Energized by all things at the intersection of technology and strategy. Passionate about the strength of diverse and inclusive teams. Love sailing, biking, soccer, snowboarding. Father of three girls.
          San Francisco, USA

          Sonal Bhatia

          Americas EY-Parthenon Transaction Strategy & Execution Leader
          Passionate about helping clients achieve their full potential through rigorous execution of their growth, portfolio and M&A strategy. Ardent supporter of diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.
          Chicago, USA

          Chris Librizzi

          EY-Parthenon Americas Strategy Leader
          Focused on what it takes for our work to drive lasting change. Believer in the power of diverse and inclusive cultures. Advisor to education leaders reshaping their organizations. Husband and father.
          New York, USA

          Ranu Carroll

          EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Life Sciences Leader
          Life sciences sector leader. Strategy and M&A advisor. Avid traveler. Opera enthusiast. Rugby fan. Proud mom of three small humans.
          New York, USA

          Susan Lee

          EY-Parthenon Americas Commercial Strategy Leader
          Working mother. High-performing team builder. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advocate. Helps companies and people transform and grow.
          Boston, USA

          Juan Uro

          EY-Parthenon Principal, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP
          Experienced strategy, transaction and transformation advisor and operator. Board member. Husband, father of two.
          New York, USA

          Traci Gusher

          EY Americas Data and Analytics Leader
          Uses advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to bring value to clients’ challenging issues and opportunities. Experienced triathlete. Passionate about animal rescue and cancer research.
          Philadelphia, USA
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