Omnichannel customer experience

We help life sciences organizations transform their customer engagement models to provide a true customer-centric experience, leveraging omnichannel capabilities and new integrated digital technologies. This holistic approach to operational transformation helps industry leaders keep pace with competition and accelerate growth.

In this new era of digital engagement, health care providers, patients and payers expect appealing customer experiences from life sciences companies. To address this shift and keep pace with competition, industry leaders need to break down data silos and disconnected functions (e.g., sales, marketing, medical) and provide their customers with relevant, timely and personalized engagements.

To address these needs, our highly skilled team of Life Sciences Consulting professionals provides a suite of omnichannel solutions to life sciences organizations, with actionable approaches to the people, processes, data, and technologies that improve customer-centric experiences and potentially drive long-term value.

Our omnichannel solutions help accelerate operating model maturity across:

  • Ways of working and standardization playbooks
  • One-customer micro journeys that drive customer-centricity
  • Technology and content automation
  • Data analytics and next-best-action modeling

Powered by EY professionals’ strategic insights and deep industry experience, our omnichannel solutions enable users to conduct a comprehensive assessment of current state maturity and recommended action plans that can provide the following benefits for life sciences organizations:

  • Increased reach for health care professionals with personalized content and experiences
  • Enhanced patient engagement and enrollment in support programs
  • Global to local-country-specific implementation plans for omnichannel customer engagement
  • Better manage content creation costs
  • Elimination of inefficient marketing spend
  • Resource reallocation to enable prioritization

What EY can do for you

  • Deliver and embed leading-class digital ecosystems that drive the organization to create experiences that exceed customer expectations.
  • Develop effective customer engagement strategy through predictive modeling to gain customer insights.
  • Design and implement an omnichannel transformation program.
  • Streamline content creation processes through a single modular content repository.

Key solution features

Strategy, governance and operating model (global to local)

  • The right global vs. local choices across strategy, governance and operating model, driving scalable, value-creating omnichannel transformation
  • Omnichannel capabilities assessment
  • Attribution database and modeling for sales teams
  • Digital academies

Commercial analytics and insights

  • Dynamic, data-driven approach to commercial planning, customer segmentation and content creation, leveraging advanced analytics
  • Next-best-action platform
  • Smart analytics

Persona-led customer engagement design

  • Design of optimal and detailed engagement approach through tailored customer journeys for key customer personas, addressing critical moments that matter and customer pain points

Omnichannel orchestration and digital optimization

  • Operationalized omnichannel strategy informed by an assessment of current maturity and capability gaps to drive execution

Content automation and intelligence

  • Content strategy to support omnichannel approaches, leveraging data-driven insights and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to automate key activities in the review of promotional materials, helping accelerate and optimize the process
  • Insights from the EY Smart Reviewer tool, which leverages a series of algorithms that analyze promotional material content against guidelines by regulators and health authorities, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Customer experience (CX) and campaign measurement and optimization 

  • Campaign tracking and monitoring, leveraging engagement metrics and voice-of-the-customer data to drive engagement optimization

Omnichannel solution benefits

  • Better engagement
  • Better outcomes
  • Better spend

Through the EY Partner Ecosystem, we collaborate, co-create and innovate with leading organizations across tech, data and other key areas to drive transformation, performance and growth. These unique relationships help accelerate our omnichannel strategies for life sciences companies, with the following benefits:

  • Human-centric, digital-first business strategy
  • Operational and technology roadmaps for execution that turn strategy into action
  • Transformative cloud solutions powered by business ingenuity to help enhance long-term value

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