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Great promotional content is impactful, accurate and compliant. But the growing demand for more personalized messaging across multiple channels means that life sciences companies are producing more content, faster. EY teams provide promotional content management (PCM) support that will help transform your end-to-end processes and improve your results, budgets and resources.

What EY can do for you

The volume and types of promotional content required to effectively engage healthcare providers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), patients and caregivers continues to grow. More than 90% of health care professionals have increased their consumption of online content since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The need to deliver large amounts of engaging content, in a compliant, efficient and cost-effective way is placing additional strain on an already sub-optimized process, leading to increased challenges for both commercial and medical, legal and regulatory affairs (MLR) review teams.

Commercial teams are experiencing growing pressure to:

  • Bring high quality, compliant promotional content to market faster
  • Tailor content for specific customers and channels
  • Optimize processes to save costs
  • Manage growing risks to brand reputation

MLR teams are struggling to support marketing teams due to:

  • Greater work volumes, placing greater strain on already limited capacities and budgets
  • Heightened potential for risk, adding to checks and balances
  • Demands from the broader business on issues that require specialist MLR input      

Life sciences companies are considering new ways to evolve and integrate their end-to-end promotional content process, but many are not sure where to start. Questions they are considering include:

  1. How do we define leading performance in this space? What does “good” look like?

  2. What kinds of technology investments have paid off in the promotional content process?

  3. Is investing in modular content worthwhile?

  4. How do we show our leadership the added value that promotional content can bring when it’s done right?

EY teams provide promotional content management support through a suite of services, systems and technologies, including EY Smart Reviewer, our proprietary, automated quality control and review solution. EY Smart Reviewer is designed to meet you where you are in your promotional content journey, from transforming your end-to-end process to defining and scaling the value of promotional content management. These services help you take control of your PCM process, helping you produce impactful, accurate and compliant promotional content while saving time and money.

Our suite of PCM services includes: 

Why EY?

Great promotional content doesn’t happen overnight. EY’s promotional content management services combine our deep knowledge of the challenges faced today by life sciences marketing and MLR teams, with strategies, services and technologies that deliver cutting-edge, tailormade solutions under one roof.

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