Quality Analytics and Decision Support (QUADS)

The EY QUADS solution provides life sciences organizations with actionable insights they can trust to monitor and improve quality across operations.

What EY can do for you

Increasingly complex supply chains and evolving regulatory landscapes require a greater focus on quality beyond just compliance. EY QUADS helps bring quality on the shop floor to drive greater visibility and improve resiliency. EY QUADS drives improvements with timely insights into:

  • Cycle times and bottlenecks
  • Root-cause analysis 
  • Repeat incidents
  • External network performance

EY QUADS is a comprehensive analytics and decision-support platform that provides deep insights into life sciences quality and operations. The benefits of using EY QUADS include:

  • Better decisions. Drive proactive action with faster, more fact-based decision-making.
  • Better compliance. Improve compliance with internal processes and external regulations to drive better quality and reporting accuracy.
  • Better performance. Foster a culture of continuous improvement that helps people across your organization achieve their targets and get more done.

EY QUADS empowers leaders to gain deeper insights into quality and operations, providing significant value beyond compliance.

Key solution features include:

The EY QUADS solution provides leadership with real-time, end-to-end visibility into quality management processes, unlocking better decision support across increasingly complex health care and life sciences operations.

Timely visual management

Why EY

Our quality management professionals help health care and life sciences companies turn quality and compliance into a competitive advantage by leveraging our leading EY QUADS solution to support performance targets and promote a data-driven, continuous improvement culture across the organization.

Key considerations for continuous improvement:

  • How are we doing as an organization and what performance targets should we set?
  • How can we better equip our teams to improve performance and exceed regulatory expectations?
  • What performance improvement opportunities should be implemented to improve productivity and quality performance?
  • How can we look at operations holistically to enable planning and support on-time availability of our products to the patients?
  • How do contract service providers compare when it comes to quality performance?
  • How can we get better insights into the impact of quality actions on broader operations?
  • How can we comprehensively investigate complaints and improve patient experiences?
  • How can we predict and proactively monitor quality issues to protect our operations?

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