As therapeutics and business models evolve, organizations that transform with elegantly simple solutions will drive sustainable value and improve patient experiences.

Shahid Manzur

EY Americas Life Sciences Technology Leader

Passionate about improving health outcomes through technology. Husband and proud father of two wonderful children. Avid cyclist and golfer.

Shahid is the EY Americas Life Sciences Technology Leader, serving leading life sciences clients. With his background in product engineering, operations and data analytics, Shahid has helped top life sciences organizations modernize commercial, regulatory and manufacturing operations.

His broad industry knowledge and large-scale technology transformation experience have helped him bridge organizational silos and deliver complex transformations. Shahid has helped life sciences organizations integrate forecasting processes across commercial, finance and supply chain; embed quality into manufacturing; improve batch disposition times; enable plant-to-patient visibility; and map patient journeys.   

Prior to joining Ernst & Young LLP, he led product development for a planning and forecasting platform.

Shahid has a BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, an MS in Finance and an MBA in Operations Management from the University of Maryland.

How Shahid is building a better working world

"I’m passionate about improving health outcomes through my work with life sciences organizations. I see the nexus between technology and life sciences as an opportunity to improve patient experiences and build a better working world.

Throughout my career, I’ve delivered mission-critical solutions and platforms that help predict product quality issues, monitor safe-use conditions for products with irreversible side effects and improve scheduling and enrollment for life-saving personalized therapies. With a tremendous level of respect for the industry and providers, I see my work with technology as an opportunity to build a better health care environment."

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