For password-less authentication to be successful, we need to build an ecosystem.

Ayan Roy

EY Americas Identity and Access Management Leader

Building a secure and trusted working world combined with my philosophy to enable the business is my guiding principle in identity management. Photographer. Traveler and explorer. Father.

Ayan is the EY Americas IAM Leader with extensive experience in a wide variety of information security and information technology consulting activities for a wide range of clients. He has worked on a number of Identity and Access Management (IAM) engagements and presently serves as the leader for IAM services in the US Cybersecurity practice.

With over 20 years of experience on information security and information technology advisory projects, Ayan developed an industry-leading, innovative IAM team. He has served as the Engagement Executive on many large and complex IAM transformation programs that focus on IAM operating model design, business integration and solution deployment.

Ayan has an MBA in Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and regularly presents at leading information security conferences.

How Ayan is building a better working world

“No matter how frequently we reset passwords or how complex we make passwords, what's happening now is most of the bad actors have access to our passwords. I am helping to build a better working world by working on password-less authentication ecosystems with different companies and industry groups. Adoption will continue to be a challenge but if we don't build an ecosystem, we will not be successful.”

Ayan's latest thinking

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