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Reflecting on RSA: how cyber leaders are responding to hot topics

RSA 2023 brought together thousands of cybersecurity experts to talk about today’s hot cyber topics.

When it comes to rising concerns around combating cyber threats, EY leaders are prepared to respond. In this interview series Dave Burg, EY Americas Cybersecurity Leader; Adam Malone, Principal, Threat Detection and Response Leader; Keith Mularski, Managing Director, Cybersecurity; Richard Watson, EY Global and Asia-Pacific Cybersecurity Consulting Leader; and Lisa Raykowski, EY Americas Security Architect Leader, discuss cyber trends while attending a leading industry cybersecurity event. Explore the videos below to hear:

  • How new regulations that aim to prevent cyber attacks could impact how businesses approach their cyber strategies
  • How some of the most cyber-protected companies manage cyber preparedness
  • How the rapid progression of artificial intelligence could potentially drive increased malicious threats
  • And more

Microsoft and EY discuss overcomplicating cybersecurity

Security leaders need to be able to communicate the top risks, and why it matters.

AI Good Cop Vs. Bad Cop

EY leaders discuss new risks that come along with generative AI.

An obvious corporate boardroom competency in hindsight

EY leaders discuss how new regulations aimed at preventing cyber attacks can change the way that organizations do business.

Can we win the cyber war?

EY leaders discuss how prepared companies feel to handle potential cyber attacks.

Data privacy and validation

EY leaders discuss the best ways for companies to protect against cyber threats and foster consumer trust in an ever changing digital landscape.


EY leaders discuss how companies are combating current cyber threats.

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