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Understand how the US policy agenda may affect strategy, workforce issues and more, and how EY contributes to the discussion.

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Four ways boards can support the effective use of AI

Find out four ways boards can enhance their oversight of AI to create operating efficiencies and support strategy and growth.

24 Apr 2024 Barton Edgerton + 2

CFOs remain cautious on 2024 while keeping an eye on policy and AI 

Most CFOs have been conservative in the last six months and are looking for stronger signals before accelerating hiring and investments. Learn more.

17 Apr 2024 Juan Uro

Americas board priorities 2024

Find out what board members in the Americas consider to be top priorities for 2024.

17 Jan 2024 Kris Pederson + 2

Key takeaways from the Biden administration executive order on AI

President Biden issued an Executive Order on AI with the goal of promoting “safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of artificial intelligence.”

31 Oct 2023 Bridget Neill + 3

How audit committees can prepare for 2023 Q3 reporting

Find out how audit committees can prepare for 2023 Q3 reporting and questions they should consider.

03 Oct 2023 Pat Niemann + 1

Eight AI-related US policy issues for boards and management to consider

As the use of AI evolves, boards and the C-suite should consider these key AI-related issues attracting US policymaker attention.

21 Sep 2023 Bridget Neill + 1

What cyber disclosures are telling shareholders in 2023

Find out what we learned from an analysis of cyber‑related disclosures of Fortune 100 companies over the past six years.

21 Aug 2023 Pat Niemann

Four key SEC priorities in 2023

What public companies, boards and investors should watch for in 2023.

23 Feb 2023 Bridget Neill + 2

    Why it’s time to pay attention to the executive order on AI

    The Biden administration executive order on AI is likely to have an effect on organizations across all sectors of the economy, from the most mature AI implementers to first-time adopters.

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