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EY CIO program - overview

Are you staying up-to-date on the OECD project on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) and the BEPS-driven developments already happening in individual countries? Here you will find a comprehensive collection of resources, including news alerts, feature articles, webcasts and comment letters. For your convenience, we also have compiled the original BEPS-related source material from the OECD.

Most recent news

EY - OECD issues final BEPS reports

OECD issues final BEPS reports

The OECD on 5 October 2015, issued final reports on all 15 focus areas in its two-year long project BEPS. The reports detail the recommendations developed by OECD and G20 countries for significant changes in key elements of international tax systems

EY - BEPS is broader than tax: a 2-minute overview

BEPS is broader than tax: a 2-minute overview

EY - The G20/OECD BEPS project is nearing completion

What executives need to know about BEPS

OECD’s final BEPS reports are coming 5 October. Executives should consider how their business will be affected by the new global tax environment.

EY - Country implementation of BEPS Actions on transfer pricing

Country implementation of BEPS Actions on transfer pricing

We surveyed approximately 100 countries on expectations and timing for implementation of the transfer pricing changes and reporting requirements, including country-by-country reporting, under BEPS Actions 8-10 and 13.

EY - Latest on BEPS

The Latest on BEPS

Access our EY bi-weekly report on the most recent BEPS-driven activity in individual countries.

EY - Jay Nibbe on CFO tax preparedness

Jay Nibbe on CFO tax preparedness

How can CFOs prepare now for greater tax transparency? EY’s Global Vice Chair of Tax shares his thoughts with the Wall Street Journal.

EY - BEPS developments - 2014 in review

BEPS developments - 2014 in review

This special edition of EY’s bi-weekly report The Latest on BEPS highlights the OECD and country developments related to the fifteen BEPS Actions during 2014 and looks ahead to expected BEPS developments in 2015.

EY - Pascal Saint-Amans keynotes EY’s 33rd International Tax Conference

Pascal Saint-Amans keynotes EY’s 33rd International Tax Conference

In this video, Pascal Saint-Amans, Director of the OECD Center of Tax Policy and Administration, shared his perspectives on the BEPS project with tax and finance executives at EY’s 33rd Annual International Tax Conference in New York.



EY IOO program - Main reports

EY Global Tax Alerts provide timely analysis of developments in the OECD BEPS project. Return often for the latest BEPS news.



Comment Letters

EY CIO program - Technical agenda

As active participants in the ongoing BEPS dialogue, EY has submitted comments and participated in the formal and informal consultations on the OECD’s discussion drafts on BEPS Actions. Below are our written submissions to the OECD.

Comment Letters


EY CIO program - CIO community

EY hosts Thought Center Webcasts on BEPS-related developments on a regular basis. Look for upcoming webcasts on our Thought Center page or listen to our archived BEPS webcasts by accessing the links below.


Upcoming EY Webcasts

EY will provide a comprehensive review of the final BEPS reports and the outlook for country action in a series of eight Thought Center Webcasts:

Access information and registration for the webcast series here. The link is to the first webcast, which provides pre-registration for all future webcasts in the series.

Recent EY Webcasts

OECD BEPS documents

EY CIO program - CIO role

Below you can find reports, discussion drafts, compiled comments and other documents released by the OECD in connection with the BEPS project.

OECD BEPS documents