A diverse and inclusive workforce

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At EY, diversity and inclusiveness are for and about every one of us.

Diversity is no longer defined just by race or gender. It encompasses the whole human experience — age, culture, education, personality, skills, life experiences and many other attributes.

But having diversity is only half the equation.

Inclusiveness makes the diverse mix work. It helps us unleash the true power of our global organization. It’s about celebrating differences so that talented people from any background can rise to their potential and provide exceptional client service.

"At EY, our diverse, inclusive and borderless teams are key to delivering exceptional client service and meeting our clients’ specific needs in their local markets. That’s why diversity and inclusiveness are a priority for EY, commanding my attention and our investment.”
Steve Howe | Area Managing Partner – Americas

People who are alike tend to think alike, and they inevitably get stuck in the rut of “same solution, different day.” As a global organization, adding differing voices and viewpoints helps make sure we don’t stifle creativity and lose our competitive advantage.

In fact, the Corporate Leadership Council’s research indicates that companies high in diversity and inclusion of its people have better results on discretionary efforts (+12%), intent to stay (+19%), team collaboration (+57%) and team commitment (+42%).

The positive business effects of a diverse and inclusive culture are irrefutable, yet moving the needle takes structure, strategy, accountability, “tone at the top,” sponsorship and metrics.

Our Americas Inclusiveness Team helps us maintain an environment that respects and builds on the assets and talents of each person, valuing their differences including, but not limited to, ethnic diversity, gender, sexual orientation or physical abilities. Making sure our people’s voices are heard and valued helps us attract, empower and retain the best talent, as well as provide better solutions for our clients and our organization.

Flexibility enables our people

Our flexible work environment benefits our people.
We have earned a reputation for having a flexible culture that helps our people achieve career goals and have a fulfilling personal life.

Professional Networks are a great resource

Our Professional Networks are open to and inclusive of everyone.
As grassroots networks of EY people who share a common demographic or characteristic, our Professional Networks provide opportunities for our people to connect with our clients, our communities and our culture.

Increasing our inclusive leadership skills

Leadership Matters program benefits our people.
Our Leadership Matters program increases the inclusive leadership skills of our people by exploring the impact of unintended associations, developing mindsets and habits for leading inclusively, building skills and practices to optimize and transform our culture, and inspiring commitment to practice inclusive leadership at the personal, team and organizational levels. The program features intercultural orientation assessments, workshops, action-coaching and problem-solving activities, benchmarking and sharing leading practices.

Recognized for our leading culture

At EY, the opportunities are endless.
From our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, to our programs and initiatives devoted to flexibility, to our wide array of learning and development sessions, the opportunities are endless. Take a look at some of our accomplishments and accolades.