EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women:

helping outstanding women entrepreneurs think big and grow rapidly

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Nominations for 2014 are now closed

The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program is a national competition and executive leadership program that identifies a select group of high-potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to scale — and then helps them do it.

Results show that the program is spurring rapid growth. According to an independent impact assessment directed by the Babson College Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership, revenues of program participants' companies have grown almost 50% each year on average, with a corresponding 25% average annual growth in the number of jobs.

For more on the program’s impact, visit our study, Thinking Big.

The Entrepreneurial Winning Women join an elite business network and customized executive leadership program with year-round activities designed to help their companies grow rapidly:

  • Expand their knowledge with the latest information, research and executive dialogues about business strategies and practices
  • Identify potential partners, strategic alliances, customers and suppliers as well as prospective sources of private capital
  • Provide access to informal, one-to-one guidance and support
  • Strengthen their executive leadership and business skills and identify opportunities to grow through meetings with senior advisors and seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Increase national and regional visibility for themselves and their companies among corporate executives, investors and the media

Interested in learning more? Watch this video and hear about the program from participants themselves.

EY - EWW Testimonial 2014


“The EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ program has helped me to be bolder – I’m now setting my sights on a 300 percent growth plan. The opportunities that presented themselves once I gained access to this elite network enabled me to begin building a public profile, seek advisors and utilize new tools and insights, all of which have literally changed my life and erased any doubt of what’s really possible as a leader.” - Kari Warberg Block, CEO of Earth-Kind and Entrepreneurial Winning Women Class of 2012