Women. Fast forward

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Women. Fast forward

How long until gender parity? Put gender on your agenda.

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Accelerating achievement of gender parity – within EY and in business at large – is an economic imperative. The world can’t afford to wait as long as some estimates predict – another 170 years – for women to achieve gender parity in the workplace.

To accelerate achievement of gender parity we need purposeful action by both men and women to recruit, retain and advance women in equal proportion to their numbers and commensurate with the limitless potential they offer the workplace. Together, we can redefine opportunities for future generations of women, forging a lasting legacy of growth, increased prosperity and stronger communities throughout the world.

Put gender on your agenda.

Women in the workplace

Women make up more than half the population of the world yet have long been overlooked as a vital talent resource that contributes to economic growth and prosperity. To accelerate closing the gender gap, we’ll need to equalize representation in the workplace, both in established economies and emerging markets.

Women athletes

Did you know that research shows a direct correlation between girls’ participation in sports and their success in higher education and employment? We’re using our experience to harness the often untapped leadership potential of elite women athletes, because we believe that many of tomorrow’s business leaders are today’s young athletes.

Women at EY

We have worked hard for many years to create an inclusive work environment where our women can advance through their careers. A strong “tone at the top,” enabling women and men to succeed personally and professionally, and a commitment to inclusive leadership have been central to our efforts.

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