Integrated operating centers

In Mining and metals

Integrated operating centers (IOCs) help mining and metals companies improve plans and execute schedules, helping to boost enterprise value, manage risk and deliver products to meet customers’ expectations.

How EY can help

As a platform for significant productivity and quality improvement through optimized supply chain management, an integrated operating center (IOC) helps mining and metals companies rapidly pivot operating practices to align to ongoing changes in their operational priorities and in market demands.

We assist companies with designing, planning and executing IOCs. We believe the keys to success are to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of your value drivers
  • Understand the behavioral changes that will deliver this value
  • Build the IOC operating model and enabling practices that will support these behaviors 
  • Design the systems, structures and metrics to facilitate success

We achieve this balance by creating an experienced team that is closely integrated with you. EY teams have firsthand experience in the strategy, design and execution of IOCs for major operators around the globe, and they leverage global mining and metals industry experience and knowledge in other relevant industries to tailor an approach that fits your business.

We have a track record of successful projects, delivering integrated operations centers that drive business performance. And we bring pragmatic and effective services focused on helping to deliver improved value creation. Through our efforts, IOCs can help generate value creation opportunities through:

  • Building better alignment between mine planning and execution
  • Supporting end-to-end, detailed problem solving
  • Improving and coordinating the supply chain’s response to unplanned events
  • Dynamically monitoring and managing key bottlenecks
  • Building better alignment between customer specification, products and operating costs
  • Increasing fleet, fixed plant and supply chain overall equipment effectiveness
  • Integrating and coordinating service and support activities (such as asset management) with operations
  • Help manage key short-term versus long-term trade-offs
  • Integrating sequencing of ship arrivals to improve demurrage and price realization
  • Managing risk and maximizing enterprise value
  • Providing a foundation for internal leading practice sharing
  • Driving a clear systems strategy, aligned to managing key operational trade-offs

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