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How diversity and inclusion can be accelerators of innovation

In this episode of the Agents of Change podcast, EY’s Roger Park is joined by Trusha Mehta, EY Americas Financial Services Diversity and Flexibility Leader, to discuss how a diverse workforce directly impacts a company's ability to innovate, as well as its financial performance.

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Roger Park
EY Americas Innovation Leader


Episode 7

Duration 26m 07s

Recent research points to the direct link between a diverse workforce, innovation and financial performance. 

As companies focus more on their transformational journeys, and on incorporating technologies such data analytics and AI to facilitate those efforts, there is a greater need to ensure teams and leaders working on these projects represent diverse backgrounds, generations and viewpoints.  

Learning outcomes 

  • In these unprecedented times, teams need to be agile, flexible and creative in order for them to be innovative.
  • Diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) will continue to remain central for organizations that truly are focused on their growth trajectory.

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