5 minute read 31 Mar 2020

Effective Tips for Working Remotely

5 minute read 31 Mar 2020
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We would like to share with you our experience gained during many years of remote work, implementing projects for our Clients around the world.

We hope this helps you organize your and your team’s work well.

Organize well your workspace

Working on a couch or in a deep armchair might look fine in pictures, however, on a longer timescale you would need a desk or table and a comfortable chair, of course, wherever possible. Take care of your posture - remember a few weeks of working in an incorrect sitting position may have a negative impact on your spine.

Make sure you have the right lighting

For the comfort of your eyes and your mind. If you can, work facing the exposed window. In dark rooms use lightning that is similar to sunlight (e.g. Bulbs LED ‘Neutral’).

Talk instead of write

If you have a case that does not require sending an email – call via Skype or other device and turn on your camera making sure that the other party can pick up your call. Talking on Skype or other communication device with video-enabled is a good equivalent to face to face discussion.

Distinctly separate work time from other activities

Remote work does not mean that we can just do other activities at the time we should work. Sometimes it will be difficult to realize, especially if you have children or no separate room. However, if you need to do something other than work for a moment - let others know. Write to your colleagues that you leave the computer, set the status “Be Right Back”. In the office, it is visible that you are not at your desk. While working remotely, you have to let others know in that way.

Before start working, “get ready” as if you were going to the office- breakfast, coffee, take a shower, dress up, etc. It will help you to get the right attitude. Start work immediately right after waking up and work in pyjamas sends to your brain conflicting signals that you are neither at work nor home. When you start working set up your Skype status to “Available”, when you finish, log out completely before saying goodbye to all the usual “Bye, see you tomorrow”.

Be kind and understanding

Some of your colleagues may react differently to the situation of confinement at home. Moods will probably get worse over time. Take this fact into consideration while talking to others.

Change out of your pyjamas

You might be tempted to forgo the shower and lounge around in your pyjamas all day, but this isn’t a good recipe for productivity. It is especially important now to take care of yourself. Keeping rituals

e.g. in the morning will also let you get into the rhythm of the day.

Take breaks

Remote work can be more exhausting than work in the office. Take regular breaks - 5 minutes every hour and one longer for lunch. It will be a great opportunity to ventilate the room in which you work and stretch your body.

Limit things that can distract you

For some it will not be easy. But first and most importantly try to focus on work. Do not watch a film in the background, turn off your TV, if you do not have a separate room, it is a good idea to work with headphones.

If your main online communication tool is not working properly, be open to using other programs to keep in touch with your team.

Set detailed rules for cooperation with your team

  • Share your working hours with the team – if you normally arrive to the office at 9:00am and work till 6:00pm, but plan to work from 8:30am and stop at 4:30pm, let your colleagues or at least your team lead know. This will help to plan and distribute work,
  • Share your calendar information with team members,
  • Organize the Daily standup at the beginning and end of the day,
  • Keep a small to-do list,
  • Remember to always call back and reply to messages,
  • At the end of the week, do retro with a remote work approach so that remote work tips and rules can evolve.


We hope this helps you organize your and your team’s work well.

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