Digital operations services in Oil and gas

Powerful technologies across the oil and gas value chain boost production, lower costs and deliver a more sustainable future. EY Digital operations accelerates transformation across the domains of people, process and technology, leveraging sector-specific skills in our global network and a defined framework for efficiently turning ideas into reality.

What EY can do for you

Business and digital transformation within oil and gas operations can unlock more than US$2.5 trillion in value over the next decade, upending business-as-usual across the entire value chain while accelerating the journey to a more sustainable future. Such efforts draw on powerful technologies readily available – including smart sensors, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, drones and augmented reality – that the industry hasn’t fully embraced yet.

But now is the time to do so — and EY Digital operations in oil and gas shows you how. Drawing on our extensive sector-focused experience, here’s how we help you improve your organization’s capabilities through a lens of people, process and technology:

  • People: Streamlined organizations perform work and make decisions with agility, aided by digital natives who will drive the next wave of fully digitized operations.
  • Process: Integrating key data processes across the upstream value chain with a common data model could help generate tens of millions in value annually.
  • Technology: AI and the Internet of Things, among other recent developments, are helping to slash equipment downtime, operating costs and emissions while boosting production.

Focus areas

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    This diagram highlights the key components of EY’s Digital operations services which include: Intelligent asset maintenance, Emissions efficiency operations, Carbon efficient supply chain and Trusted insights engine.

Solution framework

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    This diagram illustrates the process of taking ideas through the three stages of EY’s Solution Framework from Design thinking to Agile experimenting and then Scaled deployment to Launch.  

The combination of the future-focused skills and defined framework for change can help deliver results across upstream and downstream operations, maintenance and reliability, turnarounds, supply chains and trading. The EY Digital operations framework helps accelerates ideas into reality, allowing EY clients to:

  1. Leverage outside-in and inside-out perspectives to help focus on the highest-value opportunities.
  2. Drive engagement and buy-in for the transformation program through immersive experiences and honest conversations.
  3. Rapidly prototype use case opportunities and technologies before making major investment decisions.
  4. Scale rapidly, with fewer risks and get to value quickly by leaning on EY capabilities talent and global reach.
  5. Draw on the ecosystem of alliance partners to rapidly build proof of concepts and pilot use cases before building full-scale solutions.
  6. Set up talent for success by leveraging the Digital Academy to upskill and learn fundamentals of new technologies.

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