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Featured If climate change is everybody’s business, how can all benefit from green leadership by the few? 29 Oct 2021
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    Technology leader's agenda

    Cybersecurity: How do you rise above the waves of a perfect storm?

    The EY Global Information Security Survey 2021 finds CISOs and security leaders battling against a new wave of threats unleashed by COVID-19.

    22 Jul 2021 EY Global


    The COO Imperative: Will you define transformation or be defined by it?

    Just as enterprises have been transformed by the pandemic, so has the COO. COOs must now be pivotal in accelerating a purpose-driven economic rebound.

    13 Oct 2021 Steve Krouskos

    Consumer products and retail

    How collaboration can drive value for you, your partners and the planet

    Consumer companies must partner with their value chain and their peers to deliver positive business impact and create sustainable value.

    26 Oct 2021 Kristina Rogers

    Climate change and sustainability

    How investors can help finance a green recovery

    Investors are pursuing green recovery opportunities, but a long-term strategy could be needed to manage market bubble concerns.

    3 Nov 2021 Mathew Nelson


    Is your workforce still a force to be reckoned with?

    It’s critical to get the right plans in place now to pivot the workforce to accelerate out of COVID-19.

    5 Nov 2021 Matt Watt

    As consumers lead the way, how can energy providers light the path?

    The rise of the ”omnisumer” gives energy providers an opportunity to differentiate by creating a seamless, sophisticated customer experience.

    20 Oct 2021 Greg Guthridge

    How can banks transform for a new generation of customers?

    EY’s consumer banking survey reveals how rising consumer expectations and the competitive landscape are intensifying the need to transform.

    7 Oct 2021 Jan Bellens

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    Liz Fealy

    EY Global and Americas Future of Work Solutions Leader and EY Global Workforce Advisory (WFA) Leader


    How does a stronger workforce drive a stronger recovery?

    Can reopening your workplace help you reimagine your future?

    Liz Fealy
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