Alexis Gazzo

Alexis Gazzo

EY Europe West Sustainability Co-Leader; EY France Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader

Passionate about climate and energy transition. 25 years’ experience in sustainability. Father of 3. Swimmer.

As a Climate Change and Sustainability Services Partner, EY & Associés, Alexis aids organizations in developing renewable energy strategies and projects, and provides advisory services on environmental policies. Additionally, he currently serves as an advisor to several investor corporations, governments and international financial institutions on defining their sustainability and low-carbon strategy.

Alexis Gazzo has over 20 years of experience with EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services, and has a post-graduate in Business and Environmental Economics.

How Alexis is building a better working world

“I am seeking to help build a better working world by helping businesses address the risks associated with climate change and engage in decarbonization strategies. Almost all organizations will face major disruption from climate change and its impacts over the coming years. Our teams not only help businesses respond to climate risks but also take the opportunities, as well as improve business strategies and planning.”

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