Photographic portrait of Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold

EY UK Chief Economist

Economics leader with over 20 years of experience. Advises public and private sector clients on macroeconomics, policies, regulation and competition. Improves client strategies via analytics.

Peter is the EY UK Chief Economist, overseeing the service of EY ITEM Club quarterly forecasts and the annual UK attractiveness survey.

He is also a partner in Economic Advisory, leading on macroeconomic and economic policy. He has advised public and private sector clients in the UK and internationally, having worked in over 40 countries during his time across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

His experience includes supporting clients to interpret the macroeconomic environment through scenario planning and stress testing, as well as working with public and private sector clients to develop economic cases for policy, e.g., infrastructure, overseas development aid and taxation. He has a track record in leading the evaluation of major sporting events and organizations.

Peter graduated from the London School of Economics and spent time at a UK communications regulator, before joining the EY organization in 2004.

How Peter is building a better working world

Peter is committed to helping clients use economics to make better decisions and to capitalize on the opportunities it offers. He assists clients to take a detailed approach to decision-making through consideration of wider economic and social consequences of policy, recognizing the trade-off between competing objectives and timelines.

In doing so, he drives better long-term financial, economic and societal value in decision-making, thereby contributing to a better working world for clients and our communities. Analysis of economic data has been vital to help clients assess the impact on jobs, income, sector growth and the policy drivers which would contribute to our society’s wellbeing.

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