Real-world strategy video series

In the Real-world strategy video series, EY-Parthenon leaders discuss how CEOs can develop a strategy that is both ambitious and actionable.

Strategy in Action: CEO series

CEO of Ouronyx on transforming people power into strategic advantage

“Strategy without people will never come to life.” Learn how CEO Ida Banek empowers employees.

CEO of Discovery Limited on balancing innovation with capital strength

“A business works with deep conviction, great people, and the right capital base.” Learn from CEO Adrian Gore on how to grow.

Co-CEO of Media Zoo on starting a new business

“We need a different image of what it means to be an entrepreneur.” Learn from Founder Rachel Pendered about redefining entrepreneurship.

CEO of DHL Express Europe on strategy and culture

“I'm like the conductor of an orchestra.” Learn how CEO Alberto Nobis approaches his role.

CEO of New Work SE on business transformation

“Every CEO role comes with challenges and with opportunities.” Learn what these were for CEO Petra von Strombeck.

CEO of McLaren Racing on leadership strategy

“A racing driver understands when to lead, when to follow.” Learn from CEO Zak Brown about similarities between CEO and a racing driver.

Real-world strategy: Asia-Pacific series

Is it time to rewrite your Asia strategy?

In this episode, we look at how EY-Parthenon is helping business leaders embrace the complexities of Asia-Pacific to design and implement strategies that capitalize on the opportunities while also mitigating the risks.

How can CEOs drive digital transformation to achieve long-term success?

In this episode, we look at some of the latest digital trends in the Asia-Pacific region and offer actionable insights for the new now. 

What are the key trends for private equity in APAC?

In this episode, we look at how EY-Parthenon is helping private equity investors navigate this dynamic across the APAC region, delivering actionable insights that can help them create real and lasting value.

How can the right strategy drive transformation throughout your business?

In this episode, we look at how EY-Parthenon is helping businesses reimagine their approach to digital, unlocking the extraordinary potential of new technologies and digital capabilities to transform organizations for future sustainable growth.

Why are ESG and sustainability key to creating long-term value for your business?

In this episode, we look at how EY-Parthenon is helping companies reframe their strategies to help enable sustainability, driving long-term value for their businesses.

Can M&A trigger business transformation?

In this episode, we take a look at how EY-Parthenon is helping companies to navigate this evolving landscape while ensuring every transaction is driving increased value across the business.

Watch our collection of videos featuring global perspectives

How can businesses flourish despite geopolitical uncertainty?

With increasing uncertainty on a global scale, today’s geopolitical landscape is characterized by disruption, instability, and fast-paced change. Watch EY business leaders discuss the geostrategic outlook and the future of globalization.

How should companies design and deliver an ESG strategy?

EY leaders discuss why using ESG commitments as a box-tick exercise is no longer enough.

How can you maximize your digital strategy?

The digital transformation imperative has never been clearer. EY-Parthenon leaders discuss the outlook for global organizations in the digital age.

How do you execute bold transformation strategies?

EY leaders discuss what how CEOs today are prioritizing to ensure sustainable, long-term growth.

How do you evolve your strategy to embrace a changing ecosystem?

EY leaders discuss why using ESG commitments as a box-tick exercise is no longer enough.

How do you design and deliver a strategy for the digital world?

As digital innovations continue to develop at speed, organizations must prioritize strategies that are fit for a digital world.

Why better supply chain performance begins with end to end visibility

With market-leaders increasingly recognizing the true value of their stakeholders.

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