EY and Microsoft alliance

The EY and Microsoft alliance combines EY’s insights and experience in disruptive industry trends, new business models and evolving processes with Microsoft’s scalable, enterprise cloud platform and digital technologies.

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EY Microsoft Services Group

The EY Microsoft Services Group is focused on helping companies realize long-term value through end-to-end Microsoft powered digital transformation. Our capabilities form the foundation to deliver innovative Microsoft-based solutions across the broad functional and industries.

Our digital solutions, powered by Microsoft technologies, help clients unify data and workflows to boost innovation, empower their people, engage their customers and optimize their operations. These innovative solutions digitalize enterprise strategy, transform customer and workforce experiences, create data-driven business processes, build intelligent, automated operations and are secure, compliant and trusted.


Repeatable enterprise solutions

Client-proven EY enterprise solutions, replatformed on Microsoft technology, create an innovative offering that can help clients achieve truly transformational outcomes that make them more agile, more innovative and better equipped to respond to market disruption.


Enterprise Strategy Enablement

EY Enterprise Strategy Enablement solutions, on Microsoft technology, help companies achieve transformational outcomes that make them more innovative and better equipped to respond to market disruption. Our solutions include:

Workforce Experience Transformation

EY Workforce Experience Transformation solutions, supported by Microsoft, help unlock workforce productivity, accelerate organizational change, help empower seamless virtual team collaboration, and make the most efficient use of talent. The solutions include:

Digital Operations Transformation

EY Digital Operations Transformation solutions, supported by Microsoft technologies, help businesses automate and accelerate operational processes, leverage machine learning to increase quality and productivity, and tap into the power of analytics to generate insights that fuel process improvement and cost savings. Our solutions include:

  • Blockchain

    Manages Microsoft’s end-to-end process for rights and royalties to its Xbox gaming partners, using machine learning to digitize and onboard contracts.Designed to deliver transparency, faster payment processing and near real-time calculation of royalty payments, with integrated data visualization for insights across contracts, statements, invoices and accounting records. Learn more about EY Blockchain.

    Press release
    • EY and Microsoft announced they have expanded Microsoft’s blockchain-based solution for gaming rights and royalties management. Read press release on ey.com/us.
  • EY Document Intelligence Platform

    Combines our business knowledge with leading-edge machine learning technologies from Microsoft computer vision to help companies extract critical insights from a wide range of business documents making document review and processing faster, more consistent and more accurate.

  • EY Tax and Finance Operate (TFO) Managed Services

    A cloud-enabled, multisided platform provides a new way of providing tax services. The platform is about scale, efficiency and time to market, leveraging Microsoft Azure apps, to meet market demands that otherwise would’ve been impossible.

Digital Trust

EY Digital Trust solutions, based on Microsoft technologies, help clients proactively respond to emerging threats, secure the fast-growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile endpoints, and realize the benefits of the cloud with the peace of mind that systems and data are compliant and secure. The solutions include:

  • EY Cyber-as-a-Service

    Innovative service that enable scalable, secure, cloud management and security monitoring services and protection through Microsoft advanced security solutions.


Sector-led solutions

Our innovative, highly configurable digital transformation platforms can help clients target specific industry issues and opportunities.


  • Financial Services

    EY Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
    • A client-centric flexible platform that addresses the complexity of the loan forgiveness guidelines.
    EY Fuse Open Banking Solution
    • This innovative solution, built on Microsoft Azure, helps authorized deposit-taking institutions comply quickly to Consumer Data Rights open banking regulations and standards
    EY NexusTM for Insurance
    • Insurance platform-as-a-service helps companies launch new products faster and enhance the customer experience with advanced digital and analytical capabilities.
    EY Insurwave
    • Marine insurance blockchain platform that dynamically reprices and reduces claim administration effort and processing time by leveraging secure distributed ledger, IoT and analytics.
    EY Financial Crimes
    • Robust platform for financial institutions that uses robotic process automation, machine learning and AI to help further advance efficiencies in the financial crime detection process. Learn more about EY Financial Crimes Operations.
  • Healthcare

    EY PointellisTM
    • Private, secure information exchange and related end-to-end services that help the reliable delivery of individualized therapies for cancer and other chronic diseases.


  • Manufacturing

    EY Digital Turnaround Accelerator
    • A new digital platform born from the collaboration between EY and Microsoft can help operators optimize turnarounds for chemical companies and refiners.
    EY Smart Factory
    • People-centered digital platform provides manufacturing clients with dynamic predictive data analytics, virtual reality and AI to provide unprecedented performance.
  • Energy

    EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform (DEEP)
    • Open platform that integrates all key processes in the upstream oil and gas value chain to enhance innovation, support better decision making and improve efficiency. Learn more about EY DEEP.
    EY UtilityWave
    • Managed smart metering and billing service that helps utility clients reduce costs and risk while increasing operational efficiency.  Learn more about EY UtilityWave.

Our 15 Microsoft partner awards over five consecutive years are testament to EY excellence and innovation in areas including Advisory Services, Digital technologies, Analytics, AI, Blockchain and Dynamics CRM

EY Smart Factory

Enriched by P&G Integrated Work System, leveraging Microsoft Azure, EY Smart Factory harnesses the power of people and technology to drive resilience, agility and business results.

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Case study: How curating ecosystems enables self-disruption

Nationwide Insurance required a new brand and a new technology platform to access a customer segment that may otherwise have been unobtainable.


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EY launches Baseline protocol, an open source initiative for the public Ethereum blockchain

LONDON, 4 MARCH 2020. EY today announced the launch of the Baseline protocol, a new package of public domain blockchain tools that will allow enterprises to build and deploy procurement and other business processes securely and privately on the public Ethereum blockchain.

4 Mar 2020

EY crosses milestone to help clients deploy SAP on Microsoft Azure with strategy and solution initiatives

LONDON, 14 JANUARY 2020. More large enterprises seek to accelerate innovation and increase agility across their business by migrating their mission-critical SAP-based processes to the cloud.

14 Jan 2020

EY announces new innovative digital solutions for the energy industry built on Microsoft Azure

LONDON, 4 SEPTEMBER 2019. EY announces the launch of two digital solutions built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform – EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform (DEEP) and EY UtilityWave – designed to help energy companies improve performance, gain efficiencies and support better decision making.

4 Sep 2019


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