Transaction accounting, IPO and capital markets

EY teams can advise on accounting for a range of transactions, such as carve-outs, acquisitions and IPOs, helping companies prepare quality reporting in high-pressure situations and against tight deadlines.

What EY can do for you

In today’s increasingly dynamic business environment, reassessing the portfolio has become a frequent and fundamental element in organizational strategy. Divestments of noncore or underperforming businesses and acquisitions to support growth areas, can provide added value and opportunities.

There are many considerations when undertaking a transaction, such as:

  • Does the finance function have the necessary in-house knowledge of complex transaction-related accounting and reporting issues?
  • Does the finance function have the data analytics skills to provide fast and high-quality analysis during the due diligence phase, to identify up-front issues or help with post-deal integration?
  • Is the finance function organized to meet future stakeholder requirements?

EY teams can help you answer these questions and develop a consistent, value-centric approach to manage your portfolio and transactions.

Buying and integrating

EY teams can help clients navigate through the uncertainties of the M&A integration process with a minimal number of surprises. Over time, EY teams have effectively and efficiently supported companies with their complex, interdisciplinary global finance and accounting integrations.

Success across the M&A integration cycle can be dependent on executing a strategic approach to finance that is aligned with the overall objectives. In order to effectively capture synergies, finance professionals should prepare earlier in the deal life cycle, while also executing the day-to-day tasks. Through a combination of sector experience and functional knowledge, EY teams can help facilitate better decision-making and accelerate results.

Selling and separating

While working with EY teams, you have access to experienced professionals in both transaction accounting and divestment advisory services. EY teams can help to enhance value by supporting management as they execute transformational events to inspire stakeholder confidence, and reflect well on the business, its brand, management and directors.

The strong track record and experience of EY teams in supporting major transactions, means EY is well positioned to help you with the transaction process. EY teams can help offer a collaborative approach with constant interaction with management and its advisors, and bring the right experience to meet your specific needs.

Initial public offering (IPO) and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)

SPACs are investment vehicles designed to raise capital from investors through a traditional IPO that can later be used to acquire one or more target companies.

EY teams have extensive experience and knowledge navigating the opportunities and risks of the SPACs market, and can help SPAC sponsors and target companies evaluate opportunities, make transactions more efficient, and achieve their strategic goals. EY teams have assisted in SPAC transactions across a range of industries, including cross-border transactions.

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