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We are committed to attracting and developing people with high potential, from a broad range of disciplines, who are able to leverage the latest audit technologies and contribute to a high-quality audit.

What EY can do for you

Our purpose in Assurance is to inspire confidence and trust to enable a complex world to work supporting EY‘s purpose of building a better working world. We do so by protecting and serving the public interest, promoting transparency, supporting investor confidence and economic growth and nurturing talent to provide future business leaders for the global marketplace.

The experiences gained in audit stay with you for a lifetime. Working with multiple companies, often across different sectors, will give you a unique insight into how businesses operate. Understanding the factors driving business performance will enable you to be more connected, responsive and insightful, and help you become a trusted auditor who leads with passion, pride and purpose.

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At EY, a career in audit is much more than the numbers ... it‘s about the story Behind the numbers.


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Why EY

At EY, talent is a key pillar of our business transformation. Fundamental to the quality of our work, are the people we hire, the exceptional experiences they gain, and the available lifelong learning supplemented by regular coaching and mentoring. That is our promise: Whenever you join, however long you stay, the exceptional EY experience lasts a lifetime.

We are constantly evolving the way we recruit and develop our talent with our current focus on:

  • Broadening our skills
  • Accelerating and personalising career paths
  • Diversifying our workforce

Our audit teams are multidimensional and combine traditional skills, including accounting, professional skepticism and teaming, with skills that are increasingly elevated in importance, such as the ability to analyze large data sets, to be agile in new ways of working and to exhibit the curiosity to ask better questions.

How EY can help

We support our people in the development of all these skills. EY‘s award-winning Audit Academy offers training on a global scale. Via online simulations, these experiential courses help auditors improve critical thinking and decision-making skills, along with other competencies. The courses encourage them to envisage the full impact of their auditing decisions in real-life scenarios to help drive quality and exceptional client service.

Preparing our people for the future means helping them become better equipped, relevant and differentiated in the market. Our cross-service line program, EY Badges, provides a unique opportunity for our people to gain skills in topics such as data visualization and artificial intelligence.

And recognizing that our workforce is changing — a broader mix of professionals, spanning a variety of generations, who together are teaming in different locations, globally — necessitates that we evolve our career proposition. Moving away from advancement that was primarily based on tenure, to a more flexible, personalized career journey, we offer a career model acknowledging that each individual‘s time at EY is unique, and is shaped by their professional and personal goals, preferences and business needs.

This is your career. Start your own personal journey today.

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