Photographic portrait of Andrew Cosgrove
Consumer facing companies must shift their focus from protecting what they have, to creating what they need to become. The time to act is now.

Andrew Cosgrove

EY Global Business Insights Leader – EY Knowledge

Consumer futurist. Strategist with global FMCG experience. Storyteller. Photographer. Father.

An accomplished thought leader, Andrew is the EY Global Business Insights Leader at EY Knowledge. He is responsible for EY’s research and analysis teams across sectors, service lines and regions.

Andrew has more than 20 years of industry experience, including strategy and consulting roles at a leading global food company and a leading management consulting firm.

He is a frequent speaker at industry and EY events including the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit and Future Leaders' Program, World Retail Congress, GMA Leadership Forum, and Consumer Analyst Group Europe. Andrew's perspectives on the market are quoted in publications including the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and He is co-author of Managing Profitable Growth in Emerging Markets: Scaling the Tail.

Andrew has an MBA from the London Business School.

How Andrew is building a better world

“In my experience, the harder it becomes to imagine the future, the more advantage there is for the few who are able to shape the future. This is something I am passionate about helping our clients with – to explore entirely new paradigms – and importantly, understand where value will be created and how they need to change.”

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