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Only 5% of all US patents get commercialized. Our commercialization success rate is 95%. How? Because we don’t innovate in silos. We mobilize our capabilities to turn ideas into innovations and bring concepts to life.

Be it creating products, entering adjacent markets, or using data to improve the customer experience and ensure investments pay off, we help make it happen at a rapid pace. Right here within our 66,000-square-foot, uniquely synergistic production space. A space that’s powered by Vertical Innovation®, EY Wavespace™ and our ecosystem of tech, business and value chain collaborators. Rooted in a combined 150-year track record of product development and the vast EY global braintrust. And equipped with the software, hardware and insights needed to identify, design, engineer, prototype, probe, test, enhance and scale whatever it is you should innovate next.

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Recent EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub case studies

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    Infographic showing the key attributes of the relationship between EY teams, Nottingham Spirk and their ecosystem partners: Product and service innovation, Business model innovation, Humans @ center: Workforce reimagined, Customer experience transformation, and Intelligent and sustainable supply chains.

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EY Advanced Manufacturing Realized

EY teams help you set a certain and rapid path to growth across five key pillars so you can innovate with clarity and certainty.

  • Product and service innovation: Retain customers while capturing new ones by creating growth from within.
  • Business model innovation: Set the foundation for driving peak profitability within core business while incubating new revenue streams.
  • Workforce reimagined: Enable talent to embrace digitization and develop new capabilities with our Humans@center approach.
  • Customer experience: Explore new sales and CX models to anticipate actions, enhance experience and improve profitability.
  • Shock-resistant supply chain: Future-proof your organization to outsmart ongoing shocks by building resilience in vs. bolting it on.

Advanced Manufacturing

Evolve your business models utilizing digitization and adopt a customer-centric mindset.

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