Photographic portrait of Jessica Robinson
MENA is driving forward on net-zero and sustainable development priorities, presenting an exciting and unique opportunity for financial institutions to scale up sustainable finance and build impactful ESG strategies.

Jessica Robinson

MENA Sustainable Finance Leader

A global expert on ESG, advising financial institutions, institutional investors, governments, regulators, sustainable finance, investment practices, climate and carbon finance.

As MENA Sustainable Finance Leader, Jessica leads engagements across the financial industry on sustainable finance and ESG. She works with clients on developing ESG strategies, ESG risk and governance frameworks, as well as net-zero transition plans and carbon finance strategies.

Based in the Middle East for the last five years, having lived and worked in Asia, New York and London, Jessica has an extensive background in consulting and professional services. In other roles, she has worked for a leading regulator on sustainable finance initiatives as well as a number of government and policy-related organizations on ESG, sustainability and climate matters.

She frequently contributes articles, author reports and speaks at conferences on issues related to ESG. She holds two Masters’s degrees and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics, and recently published a book on sustainable investing.

How Jessica is building a better working world

“There are so many ways in which we can affect change — in particular, positive and impactful environmental and societal change. While I work with clients on sustainable finance and ESG investing, I also believe that as individuals we can engage in how we use our capital, our wealth. I take my professional expertise and apply it to the financial and investment decisions we make as individuals. In particular, I focus on women and how they can invest their wealth to sustainable companies and investments. To this end, I recently wrote a book on this topic, which is about educating and empowering women to invest sustainably. I also speak at many events on this important topic, contribute to articles to promote discussion as well as engaging with my work colleagues and broader professional network to positively shift our thinking.”

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