EY at Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2019

Meet the future consumer at the CGF Global Summit. Delve into their daily lives and explore what this means for you and the industry tomorrow.

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11–14 June, Vancouver





The CGF’s Global Summit is the industry’s premiere event for the top leaders of consumer products and retail organizations – where you come together to be inspired for the future. At EY, we believe there is much to be excited about as well.

The future consumer is changing with lightning speed – expectations that seemed impossible just a few years ago, are par for the course now. Industry leaders recognize the need for transformation.

Join EY throughout the Global Summit to experience this future consumer, what will make them demand your product and how you can reach them. And what your company must start today to be relevant in the future.

  • Store Tour with Iain Thompson, Executive Director, Ernst & Young, Canada

    Tuesday, 11 June
    8:30 am – 5:00 pm

    Join Iain Thompson for “Store Tour B”, which will feature:

    •  London Drugs
    • Save On Foods UBC
    • T & T Supermarket
    • Urban Fare
    • Walmart Supercentre
  • Special Sessions at CGF Global Summit

    Wednesday, 12 June
    9:00 am and 11:00 am
    Vancouver Convention Centre, Room 118-120

    How will you master the new consumer ecosystem?

    The future is about agile, demand-responsive ecosystems; collaborative networks of partners and suppliers. Which future ecosystems should you join? When should you build your own? How do you decide? It starts by knowing where value will be created in the future and what kind of partners you’ll need.

    This session will cover why you need to build and shape collaborative ecosystems and the implications for your current strategies and capabilities, leveraging exclusive insights from FutureConsumer.Now. It will help you understand what creates value in an ecosystem, how to choose the right partners and how to balance control with accountability.

    Kristina Rogers, Partner, EY Global Consumer Leader,
    Andrew Cosgrove, Director, EY Global Consumer Knowledge Leader.