Environment, health and safety services

The compliance, productivity and operational issues in managing environment, health and safety (EHS) risks have become broader and more complex. It is now recognized that managing EHS risks can have a positive impact on workplace productivity and financial performance.

What EY can do for you

At EY, our teams can help reduce the risk of EHS incidents and support clients to make strategic and operational decisions that drive effective risk management and productivity outcomes associated with EHS.

We have deep knowledge across EHS dimensions with strategy, organizational psychology, and technical and operational experience. We can support:

  • Strategy setting and implementation
  • Organizational behavior and culture change
  • Management system development and implementation
  • EHS risks and controls

Our services include:

  • Assisting with statutory, compliance and internal EHS assessments (including assessments against ISO standards)
  • Performing or assisting with EHS risk assessments
  • Co-developing and assisting with large-scale compliance assessments against EHS, quality and other nonfinancial information management systems
  • Performing a gap analysis to assess legislation or internal policy
  • Assisting with due diligence reports
  • Co-developing, implementing and reviewing EHS management systems and assurance frameworks (including systems in accordance with ISO standards)
  • Advising on EHS data management
  • Performing EHS data analytics
  • Advising on EHS IT system effectiveness and transformation
  • Analyzing management and board reporting
  • Assisting with safety culture and behavioral maturity assessments
  • Assessing mental health risk management and advising on the implementation of mental health frameworks
  • Advising on resource efficiency, waste management and packaging
  • Assisting with EHS maturity assessments
  • Case study: Improving safety performance for a coal terminal

    When a coal terminal was experiencing rising safety incidents, assessing its culture against the new maturity model revealed multiple areas for improvement. EY teams worked with a team from the coal terminal to co-design and co-deliver a fit-for-purpose workshop program to embed the new concepts across the organization – and upskilled internal teams to integrate the language and ideas from the workshops into organizational systems, procedures and policies.

    Feedback for the workshop program was rated overwhelmingly positive by more than 95% of participants, with senior leaders reporting that the program had surpassed expectations in terms of its impact. The resulting renewed safety focus has helped the coal terminal to improve its performance, with the number of injuries reported dropping in the months following the program’s completion.

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