Portfolio optimization

In Oil and gas

In this Transformative Age, oil and gas companies can gain traction through an ingrained, robust portfolio review process.

Over the last several years, unprecedented events, including geopolitical upheaval and technological advances, have significantly altered oil and gas activity, while many projects have struggled to get sanctioned or are still a long way from achieving full production. Amid all these factors, it is difficult to predict the future state of the industry, making it even more important to have a flexible portfolio.

Our portfolio optimization approach provides a fully integrated framework, offering greater scrutiny around investment selection, prioritization and management, and helps you understand the benefits and risks of capital allocation decisions. That structure includes an embedded Capital Portfolio Optimization platform, as well as processes for routine portfolio reviews to assess your strategy, market assessments, identification of acquisitions and divestments and implementation of decisions.

Let us help you drive closer alignment between your strategic objectives and assets.

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