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Accelerating innovation and digital transformation in upstream operations.

EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform, or EY DEEP, combines Microsoft’s scalable, enterprise cloud platform with EY’s leading industry and technology experience to provide the tools defining the future of exploration.

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For oil and gas, the industry dynamic has shifted from one of resource scarcity to abundance. Competition from alternative fuels and increased energy efficiency are combining to affect demand. The softening of demand growth is putting pressure on returns and costs, and creating the imperative to improve efficiency through digitalizing oil and gas operations. A recent EY study showed that nearly nine in 10 respondents expect their investment in digital tools to increase over the next two years. These market dynamics and advances in oil and gas extraction technology have forced operators to find innovative ways to optimize their operational processes to improve efficiency and reduce time and cost. However, legacy practices and limited maturity in technology platforms have paralyzed many oil and gas operators from digital innovation and transformation.

That same EY study shows that 60% of respondents found the integration of new technologies and new platforms as well as the integration of new technologies into the legacy environment as the biggest challenges in adopting new digital technologies.

Additionally, operators struggle with:
  • Limited visibility and siloed information leading to long cycle times and sub-optimal decision quality at all levels of the organization
  • Limited solutions that can be scaled to include key business functions across the value chain, both vertical and horizontal
  • Lack of options in the market for a customizable platform that provides enterprise level support and security, and can be deployed easily in a variety of environments

Bottom line - effective digitalization is challenging.

EY DEEP addresses these challenges and more by integrating key processes across the upstream oil and gas value chain with a common data model to allow full extension of the platform across the organization. This extension breaks down silos to integrate reservoir engineering to production planning, well operations to supply chain management, and land management to decommissioning; supports better decision-making; improves efficiency; and reduces time and cost.

One example of EY DEEP’s impact on upstream operations is its use in well planning and design. By integrating and automating more than a dozen well planning and design sub-disciplines, and their related workflows, tools, and data, EY DEEP enables oil and gas companies to cut well planning and design time in half and costs by as much as 30%.

The initial module of EY DEEP was developed in collaboration with petroleum engineers, experienced in both deepwater and unconventional well designs. EY DEEP digitally activates key processes within the well-planning process from documentation to costs with data and processes that can further serve completions, financial modeling and production engineering needs, helping improve performance across the well life cycle.

Immediate benefits include:
  • Automated generation of data and increased data quality
  • Integration pathway to enable complex drilling calculations into a global, scalable Microsoft Dynamics environment
  • Scalable enterprise platform which allows for vendor-agnostic operations and multivariate decision-making
  • Consolidated visual representation of organizational KPIs, metrics and data
  • Ability to summarize essential business intelligence which results in faster fact-based BU-specific decisions
  • Features ranging from simple data mapping to highly complex engineering calculations
  • Ability to visualize, track, order and maintain inventory through Dynamics interface
  • Ability to quickly plan well design scenarios based on inventory availability

EY has teamed with Microsoft to build a scalable solution that supports cloud-based solutions to improve core oil and gas operational processes.

Microsoft Dynamics’ customizable, integrated EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform (EY DEEP) provides a single source of centralized data that enables complex engineering calculations, scenario and contingency planning, and integrated inventory management throughout the well design life cycle.

This digitally enabled platform supports cloud-based solutions to improve the exploration and production of oil and gas. The solution is an integrated enterprise platform built on Microsoft technology with Dynamics 365 Power Platform at the core. EY DEEP integrated the Microsoft Azure Cloud, O365, Power BI, SharePoint, third-party engineering tools and SAP/inventory systems to digitally enhance upstream workflows and processes.


  • Utilizes Microsoft's cloud technologies, including Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365
  • Provides a common data model that ensures data integrity across multiple user interfaces, improving end user confidence in a single source of truth
  • Leverages Microsoft platform technology that provides a foundation for future digital solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis and more
  • Delivers an open platform for ongoing innovation, extensions and third-party application integration providing a customizable solution that gives the control back to operators, removing the reliance and constraints of business partner platforms and their associated tools
  • Digitalizes standard and custom analyses of complex processes enabling faster and more iterative engineering designs and scenario/contingency planning

Leveraging the power of the EY and Microsoft alliance

In the face of many industry challenges, oil and gas companies are working hard to improve their operations so they can keep pace with volatile oil prices and evolving energy demand. With the EY DEEP solution from the EY and Microsoft alliance, oil and gas companies gain an innovative solution that enables them to digitally transform their upstream operations more quickly with less risk so they’re positioned to survive and thrive in the energy sector of tomorrow.

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