Photographic portrait of Ashley Scheele
Pulling the right teams together is instrumental in delivering quality and exceeding client expectations.

Ashley Scheele

Ernst & Young LLP US National Excise Tax & License Compliance Practice Leader

Excise tax transformation thought leader. Innovative creator. Champion of her teams. Happily married. Animal lover. Child Advocates Board Member and court-appointed guardian ad litem.

As Ernst & Young LLP US National Excise Tax & License Compliance Practice Leader, Ashley leads teams across the US and in EY Global Delivery Service talent hub in Bengaluru, India.

She works with clients across a wide range of excise tax areas, including motor fuel, air transportation, alcohol, tobacco as well as firearms and ammunition.

As the creator of EY License Compliance Services , Ashley also offers licensing services to EY clients spanning all industries. She focuses on M&A transaction-related licensing services, annual renewals management and process reviews.

Ashley is a Certified Public Accountant with a license in Texas, and earned both a master’s degree in Taxation and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University.

How Ashley is building a better working world 

“In teaming with indirect tax technology, Tax Technology & Transformation (T3) and EY Continuous Improvement, I build dynamic teams to serve my clients. EY teams are more innovative together and have created services that generate meaningful value.

From managing an 11,000-hour licensing engagement to building new technology to unlock fuel tax refunds for clients, we are changing the landscape of both the excise tax and licensing environments.”

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