A photographic portrait of Brian Tress
As preferences shift from ‘things’ to ‘experiences,’ travel is now a core life element. You can’t talk about infrastructure, sustainability, and digital transformation without factoring in tourism.

Brian Tress

Global Future Destinations and Tourism Advisory Services Solutions Leader

Leading strategist and professional in the tourism sector. Thought leader in destination and tourism. Strong advocate of sustainable long-term approaches.

Areas of focus Growth Purpose Digital
Office New York, US

As EY Global Solutions Leader for EY Future Destinations Tourism Advisory Services, Brian advises a wider range of clients from government entities to developers, owners, operators and lenders. With over 25 years’ experience in the field, Brian works across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

He provides destination and tourism consulting, including strategy for municipalities and countries. Brian also offers development, strategic, operational and financial advice for endeavors ranging from hotels to stadiums, and arenas to residential, and mixed-use developments. Additionally, he undertakes capital sourcing, sell-side consulting and valuation.

Brian has been an adjunct professor and instructor for Columbia’s real estate graduate program, and NYU’s hospitality and tourism graduate program, respectively. He holds a BSc in Hotel Administration from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration.

How Brian is building a better working world

Brian is widely quoted in the media. For example, he advocates tourism that is sustainable over the long term, balancing the benefits of tourism and its emerging challenges.

He brings this approach to assignments such as developing a comprehensive tourism strategy for a Mediterranean country. Among other similar assignments, he has performed a tourism product and investment analysis for a province of a Middle Eastern GCC country. Brian also undertook a tourism infrastructure assessment and future-state strategy for Lower Manhattan.

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