Charlotte Oldmeadow
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Charlotte Oldmeadow

EY Asia-Pacific Advisory Center – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and digital transformation professional with experience from Sydney to Seoul. Passionate advocate for women in business. Traveler. Food and wine lover.

A cybersecurity professional with extensive experience across multiple sectors, countries and disciplines, Charlotte is an instrumental part of EY Asia-Pacific Cybersecurity.

Prior to joining EY in 2015, she worked as a security analyst at a telecommunications company in Australia. Over her tenure at EY, she has assisted clients as they embrace the digital transformation, while helping to position cyber at the forefront of the change.

Charlotte received a bachelor’s degree in Business from Southern Cross University, Australia.

How Charlotte is building a better working world

“In my work with EY clients, I focus on bringing leading-class cybersecurity knowledge wrapped up in high quality services. While we cannot guarantee that companies won’t experience a cyber-attack, we can take care that they have the best technology and processes in place to deal with it if and when it happens.”

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