Kenneth Welter
M&A is part of many tech companies’ DNA – from agile tech and talent deals to major transformative acquisitions. Companies should make sure they’re well-positioned to compete in tomorrow’s tech market.

Kenneth Welter

EY Global Strategy and Transactions Technology Leader

Experienced transaction advisor. Tech enthusiast. Husband and father. Sailor. Challenger of the status quo.

Ken leads the EY Global and EY Americas Technology sector Strategy and Transactions practice, focusing on strategic decisions relating to improving, preserving, allocating and managing capital.

He joined the Strategy and Transactions practice in 1995 and has almost three decades of experience advising technology clients on strategy, acquisitions and integration, sale and separation, and corporate finance, as well as improving performance.

Ken has performed over 275 transactions ranging in size from US$5 million to US$50 billion. As a lead Partner with Ernst & Young LLP, he coordinates the full suite of Strategy and Transactions services including strategy and market diligence, analytics, valuation, business modeling, value creation, capital and debt advisory and integration services.

Ken is a CPA and holds a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

How Kenneth is building a better working world

“Technology – and its adaptations enabled by M&A – change the world every single day. Smart, strategic deals make new things possible and improve the way technology interacts with the rest of the world. At EY, we maintain a relentless focus on helping technology clients do smarter deals and execute them flawlessly.”

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