Nalika C. Nanayakkara
As the pace of change accelerates, we need to be nimble to adapt to change even before we know what the change may look like.

Nalika C. Nanayakkara

EY Americas Wealth & Asset Management Consulting Leader

Wealth and Asset management industry leader. Passionate about innovative market solutions as well as helping underserved demographic groups get the financial advice they need.

As the Americas WAM Consulting Leader, Nalika has worked extensively with many of the top 10 global Wealth and Asset management firms. She has led projects ranging from strategy to execution, focusing on business, operations and technology operating models. She works with clients to define innovative offerings for the digital age.

Nalika has an MBA from Columbia University in Finance and Management and a bachelor’s degree from Mercyhurst University.

How Nalika is building a better working world

Nalika is a leader in helping companies deliver wealth management services to underserved segments. Wealth management firms have historically avoided retail and mass affluent segments due to lower profitability. However, new digital platforms now allow for services that are tailored and cost effective. Nalika helps WM firms define solutions and prioritize investments in business and technology to better serve underserved client segments.

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