Photographic portrait of Stephen d’Errico

Stephen d’Errico

EY Global Corporate Law Leader

Leads Corporate & Commercial Law globally. Heads EY Law Luxembourg.

Areas of focus Tax Law

Stephen has been a corporate and M&A lawyer for 25 years, including several years in law firms both in Paris (Ernst & Young, société d’avocats) and in New York (Donahue & Partners), both members of the EY network. Stephen has been in charge of the Luxembourg legal practice since 2013.

Stephen has extensive skills on cross-border legal matters and assisted major multinationals for the implementation of such transactions.

Stephen holds a LLM (DEA) in Business Law from the University of Paris-Ouest in France (1996). He successfully passed the bar exam (CRFPA) in 1997 and was an Avocat (attorney-at-law) in France and is registered as an Avocat à la Cour (attorney-at-law) in Luxembourg.

How Stephen is building a better working world

“As the Global Corporate & Commercial Law Leader, I take care that clients and colleagues are happy about the services EY Law offers. EY Professionals have always acted proactively and bring relevant legal news to our clients, so as to allow them to make proper business decisions.”

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