Photographic portrait of David W. Takeuchi
Realizing innovation is imperative for manufacturers who are rethinking their business models, operations and services driven by smart connected products that are physical and digital.

David W. Takeuchi

EY Global Strategy and Transformation Business Model Innovation Leader

Innovator. Creative. Servant-leader. Youngest-looking grandpa. Has three daughters. Married 33 years. Dad designed the Firebird. Samurai bloodline. Tennis strategist wannabe.

David leads Strategy and Transformation for the Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility sector.

He understands a client’s business and brand objectives from a customer’s view, a thought-leader in transforming and innovating customer experiences while redefining new business, operating and service models. He works with design thinking, agile innovation, digital engagement, and immersive experiences providing insights to disruptive opportunities.

David was a founding partner of Bedrock Consultants, a group of design and management consultants focusing on the power of innovation, strategy, and digital transformation.

Prior to innovation, he began his career focus on retail and customer experience. He furthered his profession out of San Francisco to develop how brands work to engage customers. There, he led major fortune 500 client programs that continued to shape the innovation process.

David is an active leader in the design community and served on the international board as Vice President of the Retail Design Institute.

How David is building a better working world

“Through the EY acquisition I cofounded, we now focus on innovation platforms that can scale inside fortune 500 companies going through large digital transformations.  The Transformation Realized process I helped architect comprises the art of BDT, allowing companies to see themselves 5 years from now, what business models they could realize, what technologies they need to invest in, and reimagining their workforce in an AI enabled dominated world.  

Consulting has also transformed.  Never before have we trained designers to think about the next billion-dollar business, remove friction, tap into emerging technologies, act like a start-up, and drive a passionate diverse human-spirit.”

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