EY Luxembourg Attractiveness Survey 2023

EY Luxembourg Attractiveness Survey 2023

We are pleased to present, for the second year running, the Luxembourg edition of the EY Attractiveness Survey. In this report you will find an analysis of both Luxembourg’s performance in foreign direct investment (referred to throughout this report as “FDI”) in 2022, as well as investor perceptions towards the country’s competitiveness. In a nutshell, we seek to answer the question: “How attractive is Luxembourg for FDI?”

As a quick refresher, the EY Europe Attractiveness Research has been in existence now for 22 years. On the one hand, the research looks at the reality of FDI in Europe, by counting the number of announced FDI projects in the calendar year 2022, using EY’s proprietary database, the EY European Investment Monitor. On the other hand, the perceptions of attractiveness of Europe are collected via a survey containing common or similar questions for ten key European countries. This latter fieldwork was completed in early 2023.

Country Managing Partner
Olivier Coekelbergs

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