Transformation for national oil companies

Pressure is rising for national oil companies (NOCs) to transform from a volume to a value business model to position themselves for future success.

For emerging economies dependent on oil revenue, the fall in prices has unleashed a chain reaction, squeezing government budgets, sovereign investment, economic development incentives and, critically, subsidy support and social welfare programs. This is increasing the pressure on NOCs to change the way they do business and to re-evaluate their contract with the state.

We believe NOCs can succeed at building capital and operational excellence into their business and maintain their critical roles within the global oil and gas market as well as in their national economies. By implementing these changes, NOCs will position themselves for survival and growth in this new era of abundance. Our NOC transformation offering brings a full suite of transformation services to our clients, which can be tailored to their individual needs and unique position along their transformation journey.

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