Anna Illarionova
Only together we can make an impact

Anna Illarionova

EY Luxembourg Assurance CCaSS Senior Manager

Sustainability professional with 15 years of experience in international and multisector environment. Inspired about Sustainable Development Goals, teaming and stakeholder engagement

Areas of focus Sustainability

Anna is a Senior Manager in Climate Change and Sustainability Services. Holds a PhD degree in world economy, has an extensive experience in sustainability advisory and assurance projects in banking, asset management, insurance, real estate, public and corporate sectors. 

Prior joining EY Anna worked over 10 years in the energy sector as a team leader, embedding sustainability factors throughout the value chain and being a young representative in various international energy associations.

Expert in ESG regulation, climate-related aspects, non-financial reporting, assurance and sustainability transformation. Co-chair of Sustainability WG at ABBL, member of sustainable finance groups at LSFI, LuxCMA, IRE.

How is Anna building a better working world

Anna together with Climate Change and Sustainability Services team of 30 professionals is accelerating clients’ sustainability journey that is focused on people, impact on society, environment, transparency and long-term value creation. She is also developing internally EY Luxembourg sustainability projects such as EY Ripples and annual Sustainability Report.

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